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Responsible End User Licensing (REUL) Lab presents at Computers and Writing 2018

Co-directors of the Responsible End User Licensing (REUL) Lab, Sarah Lozier-Laiola and Halcyon Lawrence recently returned from the annual Computers and Writing Conference in Fairfax, Virginia. While there, Lozier-Laiola and Lawrence, Brittain Postdoctoral Fellows in Tech’s Writing and Communication Program, shared their work with the Continuous Course Lab (CCL) class structure,leading a workshop to guide other instructors in implementing this course structure at their own institutions. The Continuous Course Lab is a structure that promotes interdisciplinary undergraduate research. Students are given a real-world research problem to investigate over the course of a semester. The findings from this semester’s work are then passed on to the next semester’s students. The Georgia Tech REUL Lab has been operating successfully under this model and under Lozier-Laiola and Lawrence’s instruction since Spring semester, 2016. It can be challenging to find an effective research question  for students to pursue, while ensuring that the class has enough instructional structure to be pedagogically sustainable. Through their workshop, Lozier-Laiola and Lawrence, raised these and related issues of supporting undergraduate research and instruction in the liberal arts fields, and provided participants with the tools of CCL that both address and provide a model for overcoming them.


Drs. Lozier-Laiola (standing, left)  and Lawrence (seated, right) conduct a workshop at Computers and Writing 2018 Conference


Lexie Scott, a fourth year LMC major also presented her research at the Computers and Writing conference. Scott’s poster presentation displayed her findings about online gamers’ knowledge of End User License Agreements. After identifying some potentially troubling clauses in the Terms of Service for the Steam and EA Games platforms (such as indemnity and arbitration clauses), Scott conducted an IRB certified survey of gamers to see if they knew about these terms. Her research uncovered that gamers were both ill informed of these issues, and the majority of participants disagreed with many of the terms  of the agreements. Scott hopes this research will prompt users to read agreements more carefully and prompt producers to make their documents more accessible to the average user.


Georgia Tech’s Undergraduate LMC Major, Lexie Scott engages with visitors to her poster presentation at Computers and Writing 2018


Lozier-Laiola, Lawrence, and Scott are all affiliated with the Georgia Tech REUL Lab. This Lab focuses on Responsible End User Licensing practices and operates on a Continuous Course Lab structure. The REUL Lab was established in 2016 and is funded by the Ivan Allen College Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center (DILAC) grant.

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